Digital business card
A website should at least have the same value for a company like the business card. A website is offering transportation of company and brand values worldwide and attract potential customers and employees.
redbikini design offers customized solutions for small to large sized companies, from concepting to ready to use server solution web sites based on HTML, CSS, TYPO3, Flash, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress and more.

Don’t get lost in the digital jungle

therefore a successful web site means the appropriate search engine ranking and social media presence. We’ll care about that.

We use our professional Search Engine Optimizing (SEO), Social Media Optimizing tools to get your sites ranked in the social media networks and search engines.

Apps for mobile phones and tablet pcs become more and more important these days. redbikini designs creates app concepts, design and does the programing.

The marketing and selling of products and services are an essential part of the internet today. redbikini design offers different customized ecommerce solutions and online marketing Tools.

For additional digital environments and applications such as DVDs, eBooks, PDF, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Apps, we provide concept, screen design, authoring or programming, and usability tests, eg for clients such as: DAK, Olympus, Sparkassenverband, the International Tribunal Law of the Sea.

We think online and offline media should speak one language only: the brand language, according to our philosophy: Speaking Brand