Drinking wine was common as a social act only at events e.g. communion, ship naming, festivities in the old Rome. Nevertheless wine had no especially high place value compared other drinks because there were only little differences in the varieties of wine. Costly packaging and wine label design was not neccessary because of the missing brand identities. The wine was filled in bottels, the optimal container for carrying and storage. Function follows form.

Today wine is a complex product in innumerable varieties which are distinguished by sort, region, country. By the fact of 100.000 different brands worldwide, corporate design and brand marketing are important points in transmitting a personal unique corporate identity to the consumer.

Wine is both, trend drink and question of style. 85% of the sold wines become consumed within 24h by the purchaser. Does the brand Image of the product fit with the consumer? The buying selection is a short-term decision according to design, occasion and price. The bottle should be just as attractive at the P. O. S., as later at the point of consumption, in the restaurant,or at home. The consumer must be attracted by the product to take it into hand.

Therefore it is necessary to transport characteristics and advantages on graphically relevant type and manner. Creating a brand solution with identity of color, composition, Typographie & visual elements announcing the value of the brand. Colored, cuff & bottle necks, costly seals, silk-screen printing on glass, transparency, glass cauterization are some possibilities to the individual brand identity creation .

The quality of the outfit of the packaging is just as important as the content.

Beside the brand and product development we create
further communication, like websites, brochures, ecommerce shops, ads and more.

redbikini design offers years of experience with small and large projects in beverages, such as market and brand analysis, product development, brand positioning, implementation and launches, production, brand management, brand strategy for clients worldwide.

Every new project means to critical review previous work and consider new influences and experiences.

Our goal is an appealing and convincing result, according our philosophy:
speaking brand

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